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Let's Talk Your Business Success.

I love owning my Desert Sage Direct Sales Soy Candle company. I work long hours. I enjoy been my own boss but it is hard work. But most of all it allows women to make money working from home.

If you own your own business I know you get it. So let's talk success because in my mind failure is not an option.

1. Become a student of your business. No one should know your industry better than you do. Read everything, go to conferences and seminars. Don't be afraid to ask for help-it will save you a lot of time and money.

2. Embrace all the new technology. Take a class if you have to but you must have a social media presence. Remember learning new things take time. So be patient. 

3. Know your customers and over deliver. Know that today's customer wants speed. If you are in the retail space step up your game and get your customer's order to them as quickly as you can. We use the US Postal Service Priority mail for most of our deliveries.With some of our local clients we deliver our Desert Sage Soy candle order personally within hours of their online order.

4. Address complaints immediately. 

5. Learn from others but most of all learn from your mistakes.

Until our next Let's Talk -Peace and Blessings 


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