Rose Musk Candle made in Grasse, France

Desert Sage Travel Size Candle. A dream come true. I had this vision that I wanted to have a true perfume house create a fragrance for my Travel size candle. Today that dream has come true. Here sitting in my house is the first of three Travel size candles from one of oldest perfume houses in the world, located in Grasse, France. Grasse is the perfume capital of the world. This is a spectacular Rose and Musk candle. Delicate and sophisticated. These 4.5 oz candles are just what the doctor ordered. Take them with you when you travel. I am having goose bump. I manifested this you all. Exquisite, Divine. The fragrance is going to blow you away. Order Now. Limited amount available. We start ship

A Journey with Food in Time of Coronavirus

Food is Medicine. How I Found Myself Through Food. Grilled Halibut in hoisin sauce spinach broth with steamed brown rice. Ingredients Halibut 1 tablespoon Hoisin Sauce 1teaspoon coconut aminos sauce 1 teaspoon honey Vegetable broth Grated Ginger Onion Garlic Scallion Black Pepper Salt Spinach Season Halibut with salt and pepper, grill on both sides on high heat for 2 minutes each side. In bowel mix hoisin sauc,hone,coconut aminos sauce, grated ginger,salt and pepper in vegetable broth. Add to saucepan-cook for 1 minute then add halibut cover saucepan and cook till soft 3-5 minutes. (Take Care not to over cook fish)

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