WELLNESS WEDNESDAY  A CONVERSATION WITH DR. ANTHONY HALL-NEURO SURGEON Date:January 29, 2020 noon-2pm Venue : The Women’s Club Coconut Grove. The CBD Crazy. What we know and what we don’t know.CBD and the Law. ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Dr. Anthony J. Hall, is a Board-Certified Neurological surgeon who has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and entered into private practice in Southeast Florida in 1995. He is committed to providing the most technically advanced and compassionate care to his patients. Dr. Hall focuses his treatment on general brain and spine related conditions and injuries. Let us know if you would like to donate a beautiful gift for door prize or raffle.Get major exposu

An Evening with an Amazing Author Dr. Unjeria Jackson

The History of Tea SHARE THE DATE : TELL A FRIEND Meet ​ Dr. Unjeria C. Jackson Saturday, November 2,2019 2p-5pm ArtConnection Jewellery for Him and Her 100-16 St #6 Miami Beach About the Author Dr. Unjeria C. Jackson is an avid tea drinker who developed a passion for collecting teapots. She has collector over 2000 teapots, which she shares in this book. She is an obstetrician in New Jersey. Please help us spread the word.


Purchase your tickets here: Raffle. Hand painted exclusively for Desert Sage Fabulous food. Fabulous Company. Fabulous Restaurant. Get your tickets right away because we are always sold out. We are so proud that Desert Sage is leading the way in the Wellness Revolution. Wellness is about the total environment. It what you put in your body and you put on your body plus your environment. Help us spread the word.


This is always a sold out event. Rush over to the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce website and purchase your tickets. Please share with friends and colleagues.

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