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Desert Sage Sip & Tweet honoring me as a Big Heart Woman came as a great surprise to me. What a spectacular Event. I feel personally honored, happy, excited and very humbled for receiving this honor plus my own personal Day as a recognition from the City of Miami Beach. The City that I came to leaving my hometown Basel/Switzerland 17 years ago. For the ones that missed this event, we will have the "Thank you" celebration at artconnection, Friday, March 31st. More info will come. Here are some photos from the event. From now on, February 23rd the Gabriela Provenzano's day as proclaimed by Miami Beach Vice Mayor Joy Malakoff.I would like to thank my mom and dad who taught me to be who I am today. My friends and family, Luis Chavarria for their constant support. Special thank you to the Host West Elm Team, Lorna Owens, Gabriel and his team, Ann Schafer, Wendy Unger, Joy Malakoff, Philip Levine, John E. Aleman, Ricky Arriola, Michael C. Grieco, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Micky Steinberg. My background from Switzerland has thought me to be an activist and do things with the heart and soul. Work hard, be helpful, do good and stay positive in all of what you do. I'm very happy to have great people around me to share the same ideals and to pay it forward. Thank you very much, All my Love! You are all amazing.Gabriela Provenzano


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