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From Their Hands to Our Cup

It is at a small Village at the foothills of the snow caped Kilimanjaro Mountains you will find a small group of women making amazing artisanal teas by hand one leaf at a time.

We introduce them and will follow the Journey with teas: “From Their Hands to Our Cup“.

You will be able to enjoy an exquisite Silver Needle, a sophisticated Oolong, and a delicious black tea. The black tea is called African Gold.


This is Karolina,she is from a neighboring village Orera, close to the small tea gardens.

Eveta also comes from that village.

These are the hands of the women who grow the teas, pick the leaves and process the teas that end up in our cup.

They produce a very small amount of each tea. They pick the leaves, they process the tea and mail to us. That is how fresh the tea in your cup is.

They are counting on our support


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