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What to expect when you attend And the Women Gather Literary Event March 19, 2022

Dress Pretty. MASK REQUIRED Come Celebrate Women’s Month with us. Help Us Spread the Word.

Author: Dr Randi Nelson

Dr. Randi B. Nelson is an acclaimed pediatrician and financial wellness expert. She is also a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. In addition, she is a sought-after media expert regarding children and young adult health issues, and financial wellness due to her extensive 14-year career as a Vice President in investment banking.

Mary Adkins. Chesterfield Smith. America’s Lawyer

Author James "Zach" Zacharias

Senior Curator of Education and Curator of History

Museum of Arts and Sciences Daytona Beach, Florida

Special Performance: Amy Carol Webb, Folk Singer and Acoustic Guitarist


Barbara Girtman. Realtor


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