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Tea and Mindfulness

Corporate Wellness.Tea and Mindfulness now available Virtually.

We are so excited that we can now serve your business, law firm, organization, corporation and university with our TEA AND MINDFULNESS


Mindfulness is a state of awareness and a practice ;it involves bringing your attention to the present moment and creating an attitude of curiosity and openness .It is not a forced practice. It is a secular practice backed by overwhelming scientific evidence. It’s like training a muscle - training your attention to be where you want it to be. This reduces our tendency to work on autopilot, allowing us to choose how we respond and react." Everyone can benefit from Mindfulness training. Our Tea and Mindfulness Series is designed to help reduce stress, conflict, lack of focus and low productivity in the workplace. In our Tea and Mindfulness series attendees will learn. 1. The Meaning of Mindfulness. 2. The science behind Mindfulness. 3. The Effects Of Mindfulness on the body. 4. Tea drinking as a mindfulness practice and how to use tea to experience calm,focus and relaxation even in a busy stressful work environment. 5. About and experience the true flavors of specialty origin teas and herbal tisanes including the health benefits of teas. Our workshop can be conducted in a conference room setting. Attendees need to be able to sit comfortably at a table. We prepare our tea in front of the attendees in a clear teapot so that attendees can enjoy the agony of the leaves and can focus their attention on the tea as it changes from clear to a beautiful brew. Our teas are served in 2 ozs tea bowls with each attendees having their own table setting.  Attendees are taught to sip their tea slowly, mindfulness and meditatively. Attendees are taught to recognize the different favor profiles of each tea and to use this recognition to meditate. THESE WORKSHOP ARE NOW CONDUCTED VIRTUALLY. TEAS AND TEA ACCESSORIES WILL MAILED OUT TO EACH ATTENDEES.

Cost varies based on the structure of the workshops.



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