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Tea and Conversation with Pat San Pedro, Author and Filmmaker.

When Emmy Award winner, author, and photographer Patricia San Pedro was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made a decision. "I am going to use my healing journey to help others going through this or any other difficult challenge in their life and I’m going to dance through it." Pat documented four years of her journey. She bared her thoughts, emotions, heart, breasts, bald head, and soul to show others that they really can do more than survive an illness. They can thrive. Live. Laugh. Love. Dance! The Cancer Dancer is a result of this documentation. Pat intimately shares her healing journey and a collection of tips, advice, and innovative ideas learned from her experiences as well as other women who have walked the same path. The Cancer Dancer is for patients and those who love them. It is also for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful, happy life. The book is empowering, life-changing, informative, uplifting, and easy to read. As Pat always says, "Joy is a choice away."


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