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And The Women Gather Tea

Coming in 2019 Ten amazing women will gather the first Saturday of Every month for chat,support,Tea,champagne and French pastry.

This Tea is for us to experience exotic Single Estate Premium Teas from around the world.

Also the last Saturday of each month we will have our Tea 101 class. This class will be great for tea lovers as well as tea Connoisseurs.

We will cover the history and culture of tea, the health benefits of tea, the proper way to brew tea and much more.

Most of all we will have lots of fun.

We know that Tea is second most consumed beverage in the world. More and more persons in the United States are drinking tea and we are excited to be apart of this growing culture.

Once per month we will have a tea for Men who love tea so please help us spread the word.Feel free to email us anyone you would love for us to invite.

We have lots of things planned for the new year for all you Tea Lovers but first reserve your space for our Teas. Rember space is limited to only Ten Tea Lovers. The great thing is if you reserve for three or more Teas you will get a 10% discount on your purchase the day of the event.

Drink Tea. Enjoy Tea.Spread the Word.


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