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The Making of White Tip Jasmine Tea

The making of Jasmine tea takes skill and patience to create this delicious elixir.

This tea is often made from green tea but could be made from white tea,black tea or oolong tea.

The jasmine flowers are harvested in the summer when they are at peak fragrance. They also must be picked at the perfect moment: during the daytime when they are close then at night they open up and release their fragrance.

If they are picked too early, the buds will not open enough for them to be used to scent the tea. If they are picked too late, when they have already flowered, they will have lost the main aromatic components. During the day the branches of jasmine are gathered and brought into the factory and,the flowers are removed from the branches.

Then, beginning with a thin layer of jasmine flowers, the jasmine and tea leaves are placed in alternate layers and left to sit for a number of hours while their temperature rises. Once the temperature of these piles has risen to around 45°C, the mixture of tea and flowers is separated into smaller piles in order to allow the tea to cool down. Once they have almost reached room temperature, they are stacked and left again to allow the tea to absorb the fragrance of the blossoms. This labor process is repeated many times to create a delicious brew.



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