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Lifestyle Key to Wellness

Health is fluid with one having to make adjustments as one goes along. These adjustments takes time. So the challenge is to guard against frustration and boredom. If frustration and boredom get the best of us we will give up and fall back into bad habits which are counter productive to improving and maintaining good health .

Some of the ways we view health we learn from our families,some from society. Unlearning bad health practices takes time.

First set yourself definite , realistic and achievable goals .Then create a workable plan and finally execute your plan.

If at first you don’t succeed as the proverb goes try and try again. Most importantly purpose in yourself not to give up.

So here we go. Start your morning off with tea and Mindfulness. Pay attention as the water boils for your cup of tea. Smell the fresh tea as you scoop and have it settle in your tea maker .Watch the agony of the tea leaves as the tea steeps.

Sit in your favorite spot and sip slowly- feel the warmth of the Tea on your tongue. Slowly taste each note. Breathe . Enjo.

Remember as you move through the day to get your ten thousand steps in.

Nutrition is key to your wellness so move to a plant based diet. Try new recipes. Fall in love with preparing nutritious exciting meals for yourself, your family and friends.

Sleep matters. You will need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. You need sleep for your brain to reboot and store memories. Your body needs sleep to recoup regenerate and replenish with new cells.Lack of sleep can cause high blood sugar, diabetes and heart attack.

Social interact is key for wellness so do take some time for a good laugh with family and friends.Take your vacation-all of it yearly. Travel , go to the beach,go to the theater, enjoy a ballet -your favorite thing. Do not forget to give back. It your your soul.

Develop a daily routine to sustain you on your journey to wellness.

Enjoy the Journey.


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