QUICK REFRESHER: HOW TO OPEN SPARKLING WINE Take it slow, and don't be embarrassed to open a bottle over the sink or to have some glasses nearby to capture any errant bubbles. Don't point the bottle toward a glass chandelier (or anyone's face.) Most sparkling wines have a metal wire over the cork to hold it secure against the pressure in the bottle—this is called the cage. Start by untwisting the bottom part of the cage, but don't completely remove it. It'll help you get a grasp on the cork. Next, put one hand over the top of the cork (and cage) and press down firmly while you slowly turn the bottle with your other hand. The cork will loosen and the pressure from the carbonation will begin

Desert Sage New Affiliates

Welcome to the Desert Sage Family Please know we are here to support you.We have a robust training program, Tuesday night training calls,one and one training and much more. One bit of advice we want to share with you -hit the ground running. If you do you will meet with uncommon success. You will live the life most people only dream of but it going to be up to you. Find your why. You can do it. Enjoy the journey Hilary Creary Esq. Pompano Beach Ana Maria Figueredo.Westchester Edith Seaton . Tamarac Tanya Ryan.Hollywood You too can become an Affiliate and make money with our Soy candles, Natural Body Wash and Lotion and our Fine Teas.Email us and will show you the money. Training call every T

Sonya Lewis Jamaican American finding Love and Living in Morocco.

Here I am,retired,living in a village at the foot of the Atlas mountain range,and my life is in balance learning a new culture. My initial fear of losing my identity as a working professional has been obliterated in a sea of new experiences.There are no movies here,no bowling alleys,or even a club! I thought boredom would be my constant companion,how incorrect! The photographs enclosed,taken on a short walk through the open marketplace,shows an array of colorful foods that stimulate to salivate,all fresh from the fields.The aromas from the spice market assail ones senses and pulls you in to ask about the uses. Small wonder Moroccan food is so popular worldwide. This is Said,my favorite place

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