Distressed by Stress?

Distressed By Stress? How to turn off your body's automatic tension switch and keep strain within manageable levels It looks like an epidemic. It is everywhere. And it seems as if everyone has been afflicted by it — mothers, fathers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, preachers, teachers — no profession or individual has been left unscathed. I call it Public Enemy No. 1. You may just call it stress. You experience stress from four basic sources: 1. Environment. The sun, rain, pollution, noise and more can affect your mood. 2. Social stressors. Outside forces such as deadlines, financial problems, your work environment, long hours on the job and staff shortages can increase your stress level. Persona

One Candle Two Sisters

I dedicate this soy candle to all my sisters who have or are  surviving breast cancer;know that we are all in the water together. Each time we make a donation our prayer is that we will find a cure. From me to you. 1. Remember to exam your breast monthly. Learn to do so properly. See your doctor immediately if you notice any changes. 2. Do your yearly mammograms. In the mean time let us celebrate life.

The Butterfly Effect Soy Candle

Help us fight Ovarian Cancer. Purchase The Butterfly Effect candle during the month of September and we will donate 25% to your name organization. #ovariancancer #thebutterflyeffect #soycandle #MiamiSoyCandle #Independentcandleconsultant #Homebasedbusiness

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